Welcome! I am a Post-doctoral Fellow in Political Science at the Centre for the Politics of Feelings (https://www.politics-of-feelings.com/). I recently completed my PhD in Political Science at the London School of Economics, working with Professor Sara Hobolt and Dr Florian Foos. My research is about negative partisanship, political behaviour, campaigns and gender. In an era of polarisation, voters often strongly dislike one or more political parties. I study the causes and consequences of these strong feelings of dislike, or negative partisanship, in multi-party systems. What does really disliking a party do to voters? How do parties try to get rid of their “toxic” reputations – and does it work?

To answer these questions, I use survey experiments, field experiments and causal inference methods. I have conducted research in the UK, Canada, Germany and Norway. I also have extensive experience working and partnering with civil society organisations, political parties and campaigns. My research has been funded by the Berlin Social Science Center, the Canadian Consortium for Electoral Democracy, the Carrie Chapman Catt Prize for Research on Women and Politics at Iowa State University and the LSE US Centre.